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Digital Recorders For Beginners: What You Need to Know

Digital recorders have a wide range of applications: they are ideal for students who need to record lectures; they are the instrument of choice for lawyers who need to keep an accurate audio record of client meetings; they are fantastic dictation helps for doctors and other professionals. If you are in the market for a professional digital recorder but are not sure what kinds of features to look for, read on.

-- Record Time and Record Quality

The storage capacity of your unit will determine the total amount of record time that is available to you. In most cases you will choose the mode of recording: LP, SP, and ST. The mode is connected not only to the length of time you may record, but also to the quality of the recording you will make. For the best quality recording (ST) you may only get 40 minutes worth of recording time even if the advertised maximum is 6 hours. In short, the better the quality of sound you choose, the more memory space you will use. For your own personal digital dictation, then, you would want to use the lowest quality grade perhaps. It's up to you.

-- Built-In Memory or Removable Memory?

If you are a doctor who needs to have dictated materials transcribed, you will probably want to choose a unit that offers a removable memory card. This way, you can simply remove the card that needs to be transcribed, send it off, insert another memory card and keep working. However, there are times when a high degree of built-in memory is really useful. Some models come with 4G of built-in memory that allows musicians or other professionals to record up to 1,000 or more hours without having to change out a memory card!

-- Options for PC Connection

There are generally two ways to connect your device to a PC for easy download: it can either be plugged directly into a USB port (which is convenient for use with a laptop on the go), or it can be connected to a computer using a docking station that also serves to recharge the device.

What Brand Should I Buy?

Olympus, Sony, and Sanyo all make excellent products for the digital recording market. The brand you choose depends greatly on the features you are looking for. Depending on the model, some may offer longer built-in memories; others may have more advanced dictation software. So it's really important to nail down the features you most value, then contrast and compare among brands and models.

Today's modern professionals have come to rely on professional digital recorders to simply their lives and keep their records straight. Since your unit will become a valuable tool for your future success, take the time to choose yours carefully.


Mix Engineers Deliver Mastering Services During Music Sessions

Music is a big part of everyone's life and even if they don't have a soundtrack to their daily routine most people enjoy listening to their favorite artist as they exercise, drive to work and relax. With the Internet making it possible for anyone with talent to make it big in the recording industry there are a few people that head into the studio to make a demo and then launch their own music career with the help of social media and self broadcasting websites. Taking their band and their voice to mix engineers performers that are serious about a life in music can find the mastering services that are helping them to digitally record their songs. A Master recording is the one that has the final cuts and edits on it and is used to make duplicated recordings from.

Although changes to software and computer hardware have made it possible to achieve the same sounds that can be found in traditional mixing board the music mixing and mastering that takes place in the studio delivers the quality of a performance that any talented person or group would be proud to send in as an audition demo. Cutting their music in a soundproof room that is free of distortion and distraction the engineer is able to adjust the pitch, volume and frequency of a track to give it the best sound available. Having a keen ear to maximize the levels that are coming from the instruments and the voices of the performers professional mastering services make all the difference when it comes to cutting an album and posting music online.
Where downloads have become the primary source of music purchases for many consumers having the perfect collection and combination of sound is essential to the artist and their audience. With the help of professional mix engineers that are working in the studio a person that is looking for a career as an entertainer is able to wow the people that will hear their songs that have been mixed and mastered using state-of-the-art technology.

While some of the work can be mastered digitally to remove distortions and noticeable clicks or other background sounds it is up to the music mixing and mastering engineers to deliver the crisp clear sounds that can be downloaded from the Internet and played over and over again on the crystal clear headphones from an mp3 player. Stored in the memory of the server that is set up to hold tens of thousands of hours of recordings a person that invests in their talent by making a master recording of their voice and songs is one step closer to the success that comes from being a recognized name in the music industry.


The Digital EVP Recorder: Capturing a Ghost's Voice

Electronic Voice Phenomenon was made popular thanks to the release of the film WHITE NOISE. However, classic television programs of the 1970's and 1980's explored the subject as well. WHITE NOISE was more successful in bringing the phenomenon to the attention of the world which is why the digital EVP recorder is now a major consumer electronics device common among paranormal investigators.

Yes, the EVP recorder has arrived and it might very well be able to help prove that ghosts can communicate with the living. Whether ghosts do this intentionally or not is still a speculative matter. But, you can feel confident a quality digital EVP recorder can capture such sounds if they are present when you are recording an investigation.

You may not know, however, when ghosts are in the vicinity and when they are actually speaking. Because of this, you will need to take the appropriate steps to try and cajole them into making sounds. What is the way this is done? Simply asking questions in a venue which is known to be haunted could be the easiest method. Upon asking questions, you will have your EVP recorder engaged. Afterwards, you can always review what has been recorded to determine whether or not the ghost or spectral entities have responded. You may have to try several times but you never know when you will achieve a little luck and experience an incredible discover.

No matter how you wish to draw out a few words from ghosts that may be nearby, you will need to ensure the recordings are audible and as clear as possible. This is why it is vital to procure a digital EVP recorder. Digital recordings will be much sharper and easier to hear. They will not be prone to recording static or hiss as would potentially be the case with certain classic tape recorders. This is the digital age and you need to upgrade with an EVP recorder. If not you may very well find it difficult to capture the much needed recording which can prove the existence of ghosts.

No, you cannot guarantee that merely purchasing a digital DVP recorder and assume your paranormal research will be effective. There are quite a few of factors that would go into such research. Having the right equipment would only be a part of it albeit it a major one. That is why selecting the proper manufacturer for such a device is a must.

Reading a few consumer reviews on the top digital recorders would be a tremendous help in terms of delivering on such a result. Never purchase such devices blindly or else you may end up quite disappointed with the eventual purchase you make.

Be sure that the EVP recorder is fully charged as well. You definitely would not the recorders to falter when they are needed the most. Often, taken such steps in advance would be among the best ways to sure you catch the recording when it occurs.


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